Monday, 22 October 2012

'Look' Here!

So Miranda Kate, has tagged me in this blog game which involves searching your current WIP (Work in Progress) for the word ‘look’ and posting the surrounding paragraphs, then tagging another 5 writers to do the same.

Here's my contribution.

It's a scene from a play I'm writing called ' Must the show go on?'

Lights up and we see Claire alone, looking anxiously into a mirror.

Claire: Did I do the right thing tonight?

We hear Ramona’s voice off stage.

Ramona: What was that?

Claire: Nothing, just talking to myself.

Ramona enters carrying two glasses of wine.

Ramona: That’s the first sign of madness, unless you’re and actress.

Claire: Really? I never knew that.

Ramona: It’s a proven fact. I myself have suffered for years from this disorder.

Claire: When did you become aware it was a problem?

Ramona: Mmm let me see now (pause) Ah yes, I was standing on the station platform and learning my lines sing an ipod to as the other cast members when I looked over at a rather good looking young man who thought I was talking to him.

Claire: Brilliant, what did he do when he found out it wasn’t him you were talking too?

Ramona smiles.

Ramona: Never told him. Even after I slept with him.

Claire: Ramona!

Ramona: What? I was young, carefree and single.

Claire: I wish I had your confidence!

Ramona: It wasn’t confidence. It was stupidity, especially after I married him. Anyway, how are you?

Claire: It’s been a tough few months but I’m fine now.

Ramona: What happened?

Claire: This is difficult for me.

Ramona: Aww hun.

Claire: The person I am now is not the same person I was then.

Ramona: We all change. Sometimes its natural, sometimes it’s forced upon you by circumstances.

Claire: Well this is both. Well sort of.

Ramona: Look we don’t have talk about this if you feel you’re not ready.

Claire: Thanks, but I need too. I just hope you’ll understand.

Ramona: Darling, I doubt what you have to say can shock me.

Claire takes a deep breath.

Claire: I used to be a man.


Ramona: Ok.


Ramona: You used to be a man.

Claire: Yes.

Ramona: And now you’re not.

Claire: Not since three months ago when I had that thing taken away.

Ramona: Fucking hell.

Claire: See you are shocked.

Ramona: Well sort of. However I have one very important question to ask.

Claire: And that is?

Ramona moves in closer putting her hand on Claire’s leg.

Ramona: Did we ever sleep together?

Claire laughs and taps Ramona on the hand.

Claire: Not that I’m aware of.

Ramona: So how do you feel? I mean do you feel completely a woman now?

Claire: I’ve always been a woman trapped in a man’s body.

And now I have to choose 5 writers.

So here they are!