Saturday, 7 March 2009

Etchings of a life.

I'm sitting on the park bench again. Hot, sweaty & out of breath. I've been running. Yes my usual morning run! Strange though that I didn't see the usual faces must be a first, especially Polly.
I always run some of the way with her, she always talks about her boyfriend and how wonderful he is.
Yes Polly. We run together, up to Hyde Park at least.
But not today.
At least I don't think so?

Home now and had a shower, don't remember having the shower though, but I'm dressed and putting my tie on.
It's 7.15am, plenty of time to talk to Laura, my Fiancé. We have been going through a rough patch recently, can't remember why but she isn't talking to me.
She just walks past me, no kiss, no smile.
She looks in the mirror, her face is sad, what did I do? What can I say to make it right?
I go to the top of the stairs, but I’m too late, she is closing the front door.
I could have shouted out. I should have shouted out.
Why didn’t I?

In the kitchen having breakfast, or have I had breakfast? I feel full so I must have.
The TV is on. They are talking about the Olympic Stadium.
Amazing it seems like only yesterday they announced London as the winning city.
My mind drifts to Laura.
What can I do to make her happy again?
I will have to find a way.

I check my watch its 8.33am, I’m walking down the street to the station.
Don’t even remember leaving the house.
The street is crowded and people seem to surround me, why won’t they get out of my way?

Passing the newspaper vendor but for some reason I don’t buy a paper, I always buy a paper!
No wait, I have one in my hand, must have got it without thinking.
Down the escalator and past the busker, I give him my usual morning nod but he ignores me,
must be having a bad morning.
I smile as I see the train arriving, good timing on my part and I congratulate myself!

On the train, paper open on my lap.
How did I get a seat?
When did I sit down?
I look around. Everybody is doing their own thing. A young girl is listening to her ipod, the guy next to her reading a book, a couple kissing in the corner
and….another man….he’s getting up from his seat….we’re not near the next station yet….He’s opening his ruck sack….he’s…..

White light
Can’t breath
Feel cold
Feel numb
Feel nothing

I'm sitting on the park bench again. Hot, sweaty & out of breath. I've been running. Yes my usual morning run….


  1. Wow, that is some powerful writing.
    Is it true? Were you there?

    Its so beautifully written yet so sad.

  2. I love this. Very "catch your breath" at the end sort of stuff.

    Sounds like the premise to a very great sci-fi flick....

    and I wish I could come running with you and Polly too;)

    <3 sarasophia