Sunday, 29 March 2009

Thoughts from the tattooist's chair

Got inked yesterday & I'm really happy with the result.

Sat in the chair for a whole hour whilst the guy drew on me leaving a permanent statement about me & who I am. "Be not afraid of greatness" not much ambiguity there!

My mind wandered back, thinking about the last 15 years & I realised how much I had changed, my God, so much change. From a quiet unconfident Doctor Who fan who couldn't even look at women let alone talk to them to now not being able to stop talking to anyone, anywhere, anytime. I just love chatting especially if I can make them laugh or smile, Addicted to finding out about people that's what a friend said to me once and he would be right. I'm making up for lost time, to many years just sitting on my arse watching TV and not discovering the most amazing thing - LIFE.

So looking forward to my 40th in October, feels like I can finally draw a line under that old life and be the guy who will do things.

Life begins at 40

So true in my case!.

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  1. To my mind it's not so much that life begins at 40 but, because so many people tell you it does, you start to take stock, concentrate the mind and do something about all the angst. It was unbelievably the best thing that ever happened to me I'm hoping it will be the same for you!