Saturday, 14 July 2012

I'm gonna put you in my film!

I always write in town, normally the same coffee place and after a while I get to know the people who make me the drinks. During conversations you can always find out things about the person that most people wouldn't know as they just ask for the coffee, pay and go. So here I am typing away on my film script and I need a name for a character so I decide to ask one of the Barristas if she would like her name in my film. I always get the same happy surprised face then an enthusiastic yes! You see a lot of the time I use names of people I know as a sort of in joke for me and the person named. My friend & mentor Richard Walton always appeared in my work (much to his apparent annoyance) either as an unseen villain or even a bottle of wine. When he died earlier this year at the age of 79, his wife and I chatted about his views on his continued appearance in my work and as I suspected all along he actually loved it. in fact the wine bottle I gave him with the words 'Richardo Walton 2003' had pride of place up in his front room! I now have that bottle at my house and every time I see it it makes me smile. So will me latest film script have an appearance of Richard's name? Of course it will. The opening shot will be a sign on a hospital saying 'The T R Walton Hospital' So if I know you there is always a good chance that one day i'm going to ask if I can put your name in my film!


  1. Bet you can't fit beakz as a name in ur film!!!! ;0)

  2. Does anyone ever express a preference of being a "goodie" or "baddie" before they accept?